Welcome to the City of Davis Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade project website.  Look here for information about the project status and schedule, and for opportunities to get involved.

The project will design and construct improvements to the City’s existing wastewater treatment plant in order to meet State and Federal regulatory discharge requirements contained in our adopted 2007 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. The compliance schedules contained within the 2007 permit provide the City until October 2017 to complete the project.

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14-1011 Prep work

STI Prepratory Work Begins

Preparatory construction has begun on the Secondary and Tertiary Improvements (STI) Phase. The entrance road to the wastewater plant is being reconstructed to provide safer access for the public, staff, and construction vehicles. The minor construction activities are expected to be completed by mid-November. Major construction activities are scheduled to begin in mid-March 2015.

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14-0917 Design Review

STI Project Design Progressing

The Design-Build Team of AECOM / WM Lyles has been diligently designing the facility improvements. The City and the Design-Build Team are working collaboratively to refine and detail the proposed improvements that were submitted during the request for proposal competition. The 50% design submittal will be completed on October 6th. Preparatory construction activities, such as improving the …

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