Welcome to the City of Davis Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade project website.  Look here for information about the project status and schedule, and for opportunities to get involved.

The project will design and construct improvements to the City’s existing wastewater treatment plant in order to meet State and Federal regulatory discharge requirements contained in our adopted 2007 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. The compliance schedules contained within the 2007 permit provide the City until October 2017 to complete the project.

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Rehabilitation and Replacement Continues

 The Rehabilitation and Replacement (R&R) Phase has been progressing steadily. The anaerobic digester is back online and functional testing  is nearly complete. The contractor has completed most of the flow channel work and has begun work on the influent pumps and piping. The four influent pumps are being replaced to reduce maintenance, improve reliability, and increase …

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Design-Build Proposals Received

The City received design-build proposals from the short-listed teams today, marking a significant milestone for the project. The proposals represent each teams most innovative and cost effective solutions to the City’s wastewater treatment needs. The City will evaluate the proposals over the next five weeks. At the conclusion of the evaluation, staff will recommend the City …

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